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  1. I want to be able to reorder the items in a Dataview via drag-and-drop, exactly as in this example:
    However, this was written for Ext 2, and seems incompatible with...
  2. How can I remove the listConfig listeners from my ComboBox:

    var combo =Ext.create('Ext.form.ComboBox',{ valueField :'id',
    store: store,
  3. You are exactly right.
    In my case it was tied to the fact I had given the hidden field an idattribute, and then some other code in the application had (by design) created more than one instance of...
  4. As part of my application I've created a form with a Ext.form.field.Hidden element. For some reason the 'dom' member of my inputEl is undefined. It's causing an Uncaught TypeError at line 86938 of...
  5. It seems that nested Columns are by default not sortable. If I have:

    { text: 'Foo',
  6. I have made a work-around by calling the buttons click handler after the toggle(), but I would have expected toggle() to work this way by itself

    btn.toggle(false); // set toggle 'off' ...
  7. In this fiddle I have two buttons A and B.
    If you hit A, it is toggled 'on' and it's event-handler is called.
    If you hit B, button A is toggled off but it's event handler is not called, even though...
  8. s
  9. Replies
    Very disappointing Sencha - over a year since you yanked this functionality from 3.x and promised a 'better' replacement in 4.1. This is a major blow to your credibility with developers.
  10. Hello,
    I'm trying to use Ext.History in my Web application, but I feel I'm missing something fundamental.

    When a user makes a selection on my page's Form, I can use
  11. it was because I was missing
    <form id="history-form" class="x-hide-display">
    <input type="hidden" id="x-history-field" />
    <iframe id="x-history-frame"></iframe>
  12. I'm using Ext 4.0.2, and trying to 'fix' the back button for an Ajax-loaded page using Ext.util.History,
    But when I put the following code on my page:

  13. I have defined a TreeView, and when it gets rendered to the HTML page, the first element is a DIV with the id of my TreeView:

    <div id="levelTreePanel" class="x-panel x-tree-panel x-tree-lines...
  14. Hi,
    I'm trying to load my grid (with paging) to a specific page.
    I tried:
    Ext.getCmp('resource_grid').getStore().load({ params: { start: 250, page: 5 }, callback: function(){ alert('foo') } })...
  15. Thanks for your reply. Can you elaborate just a little on the meaning of 'continue using define' .. I guess you are referring to a known MVC methodology for using Ext - using Define for *all*...
  16. If I define a Store definition, such as:

    Ext.define('ContactStore', { extend: '',
    model : 'CRM_CONTACT',
    proxy : {
    type : 'ajax',
  17. Aha, just what I was looking for!
    Thanks, ~o)
  18. I have a Tree and a Grid within a Form Panel. When the browser window is not big enough to show everything within the Form, scrollbars appear automatically - which is fine and desired. What I want...
  19. I am using Ext.util.History to allow users to intuitively use the Browser's 'back' button.
    My application shows a list of items, and allows the user to select an item to edit it.
    When they're...
  20. I've found that setting the main form to it's current size triggers the scrollbar visibility:

    win.setHeight( mainDiv.clientHeight );
    win.setWidth( mainDiv.clientWidth );
  21. I have a form with a (vertical) scrollbar, but when I first load the page the scrollbar isn't visible (content at the bottom is clipped). If I resize the browser window and then resize it back to...
  22. same thing seems to work fine if I dont define a separate panel subclass??
  23. Hmm, even with those changes I get the flex error
  24. thanks tvanzoelen; I'll look at that
  25. thanks 'friend' but I can't do that - the idea here is that there will be more 'card' panels (because it's a Wizard)
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