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  1. Thats what I ended up doing anyways - was simply returning my own set of "results" and having the client handle them on the basis of "success" or not. Just wondering if there was some other more...
  2. How do we populate the "message" and "where" return results when a symfony action has errors or fails due to application logic, etc.? The return result looks something like...
  3. Color me stupid. That works - I didn't even think about extending the result array sent to the controller. Its been a long day already - appreciate the quick response!
  4. Hey guys,

    I've got the plugin working - however, I'm working with a grid (and pager) - and I'm looking to add a "total_count" property to the response thats being created by the server. I'm...
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    It would be great to get an "official" response on this. We're in the planning stages of a project, and would love to know the roadmap for ExtJS 3.0 integration.
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    Excellent. The menu.render() actually goes in FileTreePanel.js - after the line (1467)

    menu.getItemByCmd('sep-collapse').setVisible(this.enableNewDir || this.enableDelete ||...
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    Thanks for those patches Bobrovnik. However, when I go to click the 'File' button or right-click on the filetreemenu, I get this exception

    menu.getEl() is undefined - on line 1747 of...
  8. The fix Condor posted above worked for me. The issue came only when I had a grid with RowExpanders. Thanks for the post Condor.
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