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  1. but i got it in ie brower ,it works per second No...

    but i got it in ie brower ,it works per second No matter how many seconds are set.
  2. how can i fix it?

    how can i fix it?
  3. Ext JS Library 3.2.1

    Ext JS Library 3.2.1
  4. need help for the taskMgr why it refresh too quick

    var task = {
    run: function(){
    var isStop = Ext.getDom('stockEndTime').value;
    if(isStop != 1) {
    var centerPanel = Ext.getCmp("first-panel-center-tabpanel");
  5. thanks! that's right!

    thanks! that's right!
  6. who can help me

    who can help me
  7. need a help about the gridpanel`s store refresh

    i did a gridpanel,want to keep the scrollbar`s state when the gridpanel refresh.
    i can get the scrollbar`s top,left when the store beforeload use 'getScroll() ',and save it to store like...
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