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  1. Joel, I never worked with fiddle.
    But I will give you the details.
    In my app.js, I have defined the info store in the stores config.
    Then I load data to it as given in my first post.
  2. Thank you, Joel.
    That was a big help.
    The fiddle code works fine.
    console.log(info.answers().first()) gives the answer object
    but now when I try to fetch it in another file, I get an error.

  3. Can someone please answer this?
    The question is how to add a hasMany record manually to a store.
    My code given above does not work.
  4. Anyone?
    Please. I cannot proceed without this.
  5. Hi,
    Please tell if you were you able to do this.
    I am trying to do something similar. Here is the link to my post
  6. Hi,
    I use the modern toolkit to create an app that saves data in localStorage.

    Ext.define('BlackBook.model.Answer', {
    extend: '',
  7. Replies
    I have a NavigationView on which I push/pop child views.
    Each view has a textbox in which user enters data.
    I want to collect all this data into a store when the user reaches the last view.
  8. Sorry, I do not want what the gridmultiselection plugin gives.I need a simple checkbox column in my grid without any button to enable it.Also I need to be able to check chekboxes of rows depending...
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    In examples of MVVM I found out how to bind form fields with data from a viewModel.
    But what if I have a store and want to bind every record in the store to a form?
    I have a question-answer...
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    My modern app has a tab panel.
    One of the tabs is a navigation view with 3/4 pages.
    If the user comes to this tab and navigates to say page 3, then that page stays in cache in the sense that...
  11. Thank you, LesJ and evant.
  12. Thank you LesJ.
    lookupReference is a method that needs to be called every time I need a handle to some component. That means searching the container every time.
    Whereas if we had a refs section,...
  13. Thank you, Tristan.
    I can create a grid with a checkbox column this way.

    How do they create mobile apps with lists having fancy checkboxes on the right side of the item text?
  14. Hi,
    Why is there no refs section in viewController?
    Everytime I need a handle to a button on my view I have to do:

    If I had a refs handle I could have...
  15. Thank you, Mitchell.
    So my starting point should be the launch function of app.json?

    Also thank you for mentioning the "single : true" attribute event handlers.
    Have been looking for something...
  16. Hi,
    I am migrating from Ext 4 to Ext 6 modern toolkit.
    Is there a way to create a grid with a CheckboxSelectionModel?
    Also, Can i create a list with a checkbox/radio button column allowing...
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    I want to build a mobile app where the user will be presented with a set of questions, one on each screen.
    The UI for each question will be different.
    For instance one question can have a...
  18. Thank you, Mitchell.
  19. Thank you, Mitchell.
    My server side adds the new record to the DB, generates an id for it and returns the id.
    So in my callback, I update the record with the id and then commit the record/store....
  20. Hi,
    I have a view that shows a list which is bound to a store.
    The view is specified as mainView in app.json.
    Before this view is shown I want to create and load my store.
    Which is the right...
  21. Hi,
    Which proxy type is to be used to store the app data in the phone memory?
    Will this data be available if the user closes the app and then reopens it?

    Please help.
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    Thanks, Joel.
    I created a view as follows and it shows/hides the menu. Want to know is there is an easy way to apply this menu to all pages.

    Ext.define("ILI.view.SquaresView", {
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    Thank you, yeghikyan.
    The problem was that has its own getProfile() method and that was being called instead of my version.
    Changing profile to profile1 did the trick.
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    In my controller I have defined a view as

    config: {

    refs : {
    main: 'mainview',
    profile: 'profile'
  25. Hi,
    Page title shows if I configure a navigationview with

    items: [
    { xtype: 'mainlist', title: 'Contacts'}
    ]but if I push() a view then the view's title is not displayed.
    Does the...
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