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  1. GXT3 Grid + PagingToolbar - The paging toolbar doesn't gets rendered properly

    I am using a GXT3 Grid + PageLoader within a FlowPanel as explained in this demo -

    The only change I have done is that, I hide the FlowPanel...
  2. Resizing the application on different screen resolutions

    I have an application which is built on BorderLayout (following the examples) having 3 content panels with names east, west and center

    Within these content panels i have placed various content...
  3. Sorry, I had not set ...

    Sorry, I had not set

    filters.setLocal(true); // filters--> GridFilters


    Thanks for the help!
  4. filter not working for IE8

    Hi, I thought of continuing on the same thread regarding my problem and please guide me if i have posted it in wrong place.

    I am very new to ext GWT and recently i wrote a Grid filter code which...
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