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    Hi Slemmon,
    Is there a workaround for this bug. or is this issue fixed in 4.2.2
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    Aria enabled combobox gives me
    TypeError: a is undefined (Firefox)

    whenever I click on the trigger. And obviously with the error clicking the trigger doesn't show any data.

    Disabling aria, it...
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    Thank you friend... it is indeed trivial. Why doesn't it have a readOnly property like checkbox and other form fields.
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    Is there a way to set a radioGroup as readOnly. I know checkboxes and individual radiobuttons can be set as readOnly, but I just can't find a way for radioGroups. Any help???
  5. Hi Jay... I tried setting the value after loading the store too, but get the same result. However, when I select a different item from the dropdown, I get the id numbers. It's not giving the right...
  6. Girish... thanks for your answer... I tried using select. It show up as '111' on the combobox. I actually want to show 'Ext Page 1'. And then when I try to save the value of the combobox. I want to...
  7. Thank you :)
  8. This is my model for my combo

    Ext.define('ExtJS.myApp.ComboModel', {
    extend: '',
    alias: 'widget.combomodel',
    fields: [
    { name: 'ID', type: 'int' },
  9. this.FirstName = Ext.create('Ext.form.TextField', {
    name: 'FirstName',
    fieldLabel: 'First Name',
    allowBlank: false

    Is there a way to dynamicaly...
  10. Thank you sir... Length was the right answer I was looking for :)
  11. I get a json object by making this ajax request. I would like to know the total number of objects, but on alert, all I get is undefined. how do you get the number of object returned.
    here is my json...
  12. Thank you so much droessner :)
  13. This is my groupFeature

    What I want is trim the first character. If the "name" is "(This". I just want to show "This" as the group header. Is there a way to do that.
  14. Thank you soooooooooo much
  15. I am trying to check if atleast one of the checkbox is checked. How can I do this. Please help.

    this.myCheckBox = Ext.create('Ext.form.CheckboxGroup', {
    id: 'cbs',
  16. I have 4 grid tables. They use the same modal. I cannot use the same store as each grid has to send a parameter value to get the data from db. So, what's happening is I ended up making 4 different...
  17. Any insights on this issue guys???
  18. Yes Scott... it does... this is what actually happens... I have two tree panel... when a user drags a leaf from one tree to another... an ajax call is made. When it successfully writes to the...
  19. I need to remove a leaf on a tree when it is dragged onto a node (on failure ajax call)...


    but it says undefined.

    How can I remove a new added leaf from a...
  20. I have a tree panel where a leaf can be dropped to a node. I want to get the value of that node where the leaf is dropped.

    Doing this gets me the first node and not the node where I dropped the...
  21. I tried but it refreshes my tree but the leaf is still there
  22. I have a tree and each time a leaf is added to a node, I do an ajax call. It works fine but when it fails, on failure function, the leaf is still added even though the error message that I put shows...
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    :)... thank you slemmon... you are aweome
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    I was thinking the same, but how do we get the value in itemmouseover

    itemmouseenter: function (e, t) {
    var v = Ext.getCmp('myTree').isleaf();
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    the reqular data-qtip does work on my treepanel... but it shows up on all leafs too. How to check if the mouseover is on the parentNode... I am doing this on the listener of treePanel... is there a...
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