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  1. Does anyone know of any v4 codes that works, and does this?
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    It's ok, I worked out that you also need to have:

    frame: true,

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    Hi all, I have the following code, which for some reason is ignoring any styles I set, i.e bodyBorder, BodyStyle and bodyPadding, what is going on?

    var ReportForm = new Ext.form.FormPanel({...
  4. Hi all,

    Does anyone have any ideas on this? essentially I want to pull data1 and data2 into seperate lists from one load?

  5. Hi all,

    I have one Ext.List I'm building from an xml source, and it's quite a large file, how can I cache the file, and have the framework use it for building multiple lists, using different root...
  6. Thanks for the help, thats worked great, I've managed to fix the carousel, and the Event list is also showing correct as well. (same code addition).

    The only one that seems to be still going under...
  7. HI all,

    I've got a BottomTabpanel arrangement, (4 panels), one of these panels has a 2 panel carousel in it, with a common top docked toolbar.

    Each panel is using fullscreen:true, but I'm...
  8. Has this question been answered, I'm having the same issue, where i can see the object, but not whats selected.

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    what about just using a .on("selectionchange" ?

    then just defining what will occur upon selection of the row. Allows more than just linking etc.

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    Any updates on this, it's a major issue.

    I've noticed it in Chrome and on iPhone, and sometimes an orentation change fixes it, but not allways.

    HELP! please :)

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    Future soon, or "future" future? One of the factors holding me back from buying designer is it's lack in supporting touch.
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    Hi All,

    Could someone please tell me why if the variables below (realmName and realmLocation) are updated and a reload is called the new parameters are not passed in the URL?

  13. Ok, I've worked out how to get fields via object.get("marketname");

    But I really need to cover myself if there is no selection, preferably, grey out or make the details button that calls the...
  14. How do I get the value for marketname from the selected item in a list, based on the code below:

    Ext.regModel('Markets', {
    fields: ['marketname'],

    var store = new...
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    Hi all,

    I've been trying to load a multilayered json feed:

    { "markets": [ {
    "selections": [
    {"name":"C"}, ...
  16. I have the following code active on a grid:

    view: new Ext.grid.GroupingView({
    forceFit: true,
    enableGrouping: false,
    startCollapsed: true,
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    Hi All,

    Just trying out V3 and grouping, is there anything I can add to the code so when the data is reloaded or refreshed it remembers what grouping / settings I had applied to the grid?
  18. Running the latest 2.2.1 build:

    Ext.Container.LAYOUTS[this.layout.toLowerCase()] is not a constructor
    Ext.DomHelper=function(){var n=null;var ...(Ext.History,new Ext.util.Observable());
  19. Hi Evant,

    You must live on these forums, your a legend, thanks for the help, just one small bug:

    getting the following error in firebug? :D

  20. Hi All, I'm trying to create the following layout, but I'm having difficulty modifying one of the examples to show the layout like (Ive spent a whole day on it):

    | ..HEADER...
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    Hi all

    I have two stores that have a common field, is there any easy easy way to link the stores viewed as grids into one? or have an expand option from one grid to show the associated row in the...
  22. I've tried everything.... trying parms on store only, on load, both, but nothing....

    I'm not getting any errors, but I can see from firebug the call had no parameters attached.

  23. I'm not having much luck here at all:

    I have tried changing the store:

    round_market_store = new{ url: 'feeds/market.php',
    baseParams: {marketid: '1', count: '30'},
  24. Hi all,

    I have a few stores e.g.
    round_ladder_store = new{ url: 'feeds/ladder.php',.....

    I need to update the URL at times to have: ladder.php?something=1&somthing=2
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    Okay, now I'm completly lost.

    I can't see any call associated with the menu to get the parent, coould I trying somthing like:

    { id: 'Event_menu_button', text:...
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