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  1. I have a toolbar with two buttons to navigate a carousel. I have back and forward as the button ui values. In the default sencha theme the buttons look right with back and forward L&F. But when i...
  2. Hi,
    I have a form panel on a button click in one of my view. All works fine when i do it in the browser. But when i run this on the android emulator using -run native option, the formpanel does...
  3. Hi,
    This case works exactly the way i expect.

    <subitem name="parent" />
    <subitem name="c1" />
    <subitem name="c2" />
  4. I have a XML file with the following schema

    <subitem name="parent">
    <subitem name="c1">
    <subitem name="c2">
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    Thanks for your reply.

    Our usecase is to draw a rubber band along the X-Axis and zoom in to select a specific data point. We have around 10000 data points and its very hard to select a data points...
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    Hi I am using GXT latest version and i cant find a way to zoom the chart. Is it supported in the gpl version or is it supported in the commercial version. We are doing this as a POC and if these...
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    My Json looks like this

    { "total":19, "success":true,

    and i am using ArrayReader but the totalProperty is not set. What am i doing wrong.
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    I have both the issues mentioned in this bug occuring in my chart. the data points are marked with the color but all the legends are in black color.

    One more issue with legends are,

    If you push...
  9. The tap event works on emtpy chart area also. I am expecting the tap to work only on a data point and display the data point information on the popup panel.

    but item.record is undefined even when...
  10. I have just followed the documentation. I am pushing a cartesian chart into a navigation view using the controller approach. The chart loads fine with the datapoints. But when i click on the data...
  11. I just added a new line series as a threshold line and set the showInLegend to false. I think this is most flexible with other interactions on the chart.
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    I am also trying to add a sprite to a line chart as a threshold line. Do you have any finding in b this.

  13. I am still trying to get my head around this. Wouldnt adding the sprite to the chart surface keep it at the same location even if the chart is zoomed in. The threshold line should keep its...
  14. I am using the sencha touch 2.1 gpl version. But when i see the sencha touch chart 2.1 commercial version the class name are different. What will be the transition from the gpl to the commercial...
  15. I am fairly new to the Sencha Touch and Javascript ! I see a Line sprite in the 2.1 touch version. How do i create a Sprite class in the draw package but i dont see a line type there. I would like to...
  16. i realize it. There are some differences with the gpl and commercial versions. Thanks, now i see the chart.
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    I have added the following to my CartesianChart with type 'Scatter' series. But i dont get any interactions on the screen.

    interactions: [
  18. I have to draw multiple Threshold/Cutoff lines along X and Y axes in the cartesian chart. Are there any examples on adding threshold lines. I have looked around in the examples but could not find...
  19. I have a Navigation view and when a list item is tapped I am trying to push a Cartesian Chart using the following function.

    showChart : function(view,index,element,record){...
  20. I have my sencha touch application which was working with older android devices. Now its not loading on jelly bean devices, all it shows is a white screen.

    This is the application -...
  21. All,
    I am using sencha touch but i am going to only run the app on Webkit browser on desktop. I like the look and feel of sencha touch so i would like to just use instead of ExtJS.
    I am using...
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    getCount() returns 0. So how do i make it read the store before the item is being rendered.
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    Thanks for your reply. I have added the id property as you mentioned and i am trying to use the following


    But this gives me an error on the...
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    I have created a store from a json file.


    Application.latestDesign = new{
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    Is it possible to run Ext JS under rhino?
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