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  1. Hi Tristan,

    I solved the problem by only using by only using one store with separate fields for Australia & New Zealand where required. Thus I no longer need to swap stores and don't have problem...
  2. I have the following view which allows the user of the app to browse a list of bird species:

    Ext.define('ShorebirdsId.view.ViewBrowse', {
    extend: 'Ext.navigation.View',
  3. By adding a margin configuration item to each fieldset I have been able to come up with an acceptable checkbox grid:


    Here is the code to achieve this:

    },{ xtype ...
  4. Excellent suggestion Mitchell - changing the first label to a fieldset now has the "Species" title properly lined up (after some adjustments to the CSS).


    Regarding the column headings...
  5. In my app I have a Settings screen that allows the users to choose which bird species are shown (in a List) on the Browse screen:


    The checkbox "grid" is produced with the following Code...
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    I have solved problem number 1 - how to get the "full name" of a language.

    The function getAvailable returns an array of objects, with each object containing "abbr" & "text" value pairs for each...
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    My app stores the users selected language (and other settings) in Local Storage and retrieves them via the launch function of my Settings Controller. Based on the language, it then sets the store to...
  8. Just wondering what is best practice in regard to the placement of the declaration of global variables in a Sencha Touch app.

    I currently have them in app.js just prior to the Ext.application...
  9. I have fixed the 4" screen iPhone/iPod problem by adding "Default-568h@2x~iphone.png" to the "resources/loading" folder.

    I also added "640x1096.png" to the "resources/startup" folder and a...
  10. Fixed the status bar issue by including the following in app.js:

    statusBarStyle: 'default'

    and the following in the launch function of the same:
  11. I've now tested it as a web app and iOS app on an iPad Mini.

    Here is the web app screenshot:


    and here is the iOS app screenshot:

  12. I've tested my web app in the iOS Simulator, on an iPhone 3GS in Safari running iOS 6.1 and on an iPhone 5 in Safari running iOS 7.1 and all seems OK.

    Here is the iPhone 3GS/iOS 6.1 screenshot:
  13. ST 2.2.0
  14. Thanks AdityaRaja - however I had to use padding: '0 0 0 0' to get it to centre properly.
  15. I have a store:

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',
    xtype: 'speciesstore',

    config: {
  16. I would like to make a couple of buttons narrower so that I have a bit more room in the toolbar.

    This is what I currently have:

    items: [
  17. I have upgraded my app from Beta-0.91 to Release-1.1.0 and am now experiencing the following problems, which I can't track down:

    The index bar is initally inactive, but works after I scroll the...
  18. Using Sencha Touch, is it possible to play songs from the iPod Library?

    For example, a user is shown a list of animal species and when they tap on an item in the list the relevant call (ie. a song...
  19. You are correct as usual - I'm sure I tested ui: 'dark' with the same result (but obviously not!).

  20. I have a list of items, and when an item is tapped it brings up a carousel of details for the tapped item. However the indicator dots of the carousel are not visible on either card.

    Note that the...
  21. Thanks Evan,

    It seems that the <strong> tag is being set to 'font-weight: normal' somewhere in the Sencha styles. I have fixed it by setting it to bold in my style sheet.

  22. Hi Evan,

    I've had a look with the DOM Inspector and 'font-weight: bolder;' is struck out for this element.

    Even if I add 'font-weight: bold' to the class (browseDetail) this also gets struck...
  23. What I mean is that in the list speciesCommon shows in bold type, but on the panel it does not.

    I'll have a look at the DOM inspector and see what I can find out.

  24. I have a <strong> tag in two templates:

    The first in a list that works,
    The second on a panel that doesn't work!

    Ext.regModel('Species', {
    fields: [
  25. Thanks heaps Evan - it works beautifully!

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