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  1. Ok, I may have found a cleaner work-around using the filters afterall. What I did is:

    in my controller call

    store.filter({property:'$filter', value:...
  2. So I ran across something that I solved but I am not sure what I did was any more than a "hack" and I would be interested in knowing how others might solve it.

    My REST based web services use...
  3. I noticed that EXT-JS checkboxes when rendered with a name set were not outputting a name value in the input control. While they were posting successfully, the lack of the name makes it rather...
  4. I think in terms of frameworks there are three..... Ext JS, Dojo and SmartClient. Dojo is impressive (and I really like a lot of the changes they made in their latest version) but I have found Ext...
  5. I should also mention that in some respects I would have thought this to be a bug. If the store is updated and the combobox (forceSelection and read-only) is bound to it, shouldn't the text field be...
  6. I have a situation where I have a slaveStore (ie. a masterStore controls its content) attached to a combobox. The displayValue is set to the Model's name. When the store is updated (from a master...
  7. Marte - this is absolutely wonderful. I was able to adapt this for my hobby application that is hosted in Glassfish with form based authentication. A few changes I had to make:
    In my development...
  8. Hi - I decided about 3 months ago to move my substantial hobby project from GWT+GXT base to a Javascript base. After experimenting with SmartClient, Dojo, jQuery, YUI and even looking at Google...
  9. It does result in some odd visual effects (for example the filter is reapplied but the FilterField has no value).
  10. I am using GXT 3.0.1 GPL.

    When a filtered tree view deletes a row (for example a user uses a filter field and filters a tree and then selects a row and deletes it) if you call remove( ) on the...
  11. UPDATE (Using GXT 3.0.1 GPL) Interesting.... it is working better (in that nodes are getting inserted in a sorted state) but there is a small issue.... they are getting inserted at sort position -1...
  12. Required Information

    Version(s) of Ext GWT

    Browser versions and OS
    (and desktop environment, if applicable)

  13. The release notes link on the GXT Download page takes you to the Javadoc instead of release notes.
  14. If you have a series of TextButtons with icons, the default "text-align" attribute is "center". There is an icon align capability but there does not appear to be a way to override the text...
  15. So in my grid I have a couple of columns that show an icon which is pretty much a static icon (it is either shown or not depending on a property of the model - a few columns have multiple icons... no...
  16. It is not supported and it would appear they do not plan to support it.

    I thought I would miss it, but so far it is only for layouts that I have missed it.
  17. amit, you might want to post some details on the browser version and GXT version you are using. (see their bug reporting template)

    I am using MSIE 9 with the latest security patches and I am not...
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    This is interesting..... I wonder what Sencha's answer will be on their skinning support without having to recompile.

    Thanks for the tip on the pretty class names. I am thinking this might be the...
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    This is standard GWT functionality. Did you try googling for GWT Image Resource first - it is not related to GXT at all?

    Here are some links to make this convienent for you:...
  20. I think you can add a ValidationHandler to elements that can evaluate whether they are valid or not. If they are set to validateOnBlur( ) these will get called. Could you not listen here and if it...
  21. Required Information

    Version(s) of Ext GWT
    3.0.0 GPL

    Browser versions and OS
    (and desktop environment, if applicable)

    Firefox 12, Windows 7-64bit
  22. One difficulty with the new GXT 3.0.0 release is it is a little more difficult to test appearance of items with Selenium (note: The form value testing and data entry is WAY better for selenium!)
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    I have verified it is reproducible - here is a simplied application. If you remove the setHeight() on the ButtonGroup it does render correctly (remember this is ONLY during GWT compilation - it is...
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    Hi Colin, thanks for the response.

    Well this is interesting..... I removed the setHeight("69px") calls from the Button Groups and voila... I have a working compiled application. So it is...
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    I have discovered one thing....

    In hosted mode the buttonBar is getting sizes generated in a style statement. I am setting the height with the GWT height using setHeight("85px");

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