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  1. How about adding changes which improve performance to 3.4 version which is most commonly used until we get stable and fast 4.x?

    Do you know any tweaks for 3.x?
  2. This issue is really hitting us hard now as FF4 is out. The performance in our extjs3.3 application is really bad. Could you pls help and vote for the bus so maybe it gets more attention?
  3. I have one more question. Will there be any upgrade licenses for Ext3 license owners?
  4. It looks like Firefox4 has quite nasty input lag problems with applications which have huge dom (or just extjs based apps?).
    In extjs based applications when many grids are opened and you try to...
  5. I put PivotGrid into our application and i got one row less in left axis table than in the grid itself so i checked what is happening. I attached an image which shows how table with rowspans (such...
  6. I found a bug when testing ext3.3 beta pivot grid. It looks like rowspans doesnt work correctly when we have a rowspan in first column of a row and than a rowspan in next column in next row.
    Here is...
  7. Any progress on this bug? Looks like it still exists in 3.2 beta.
  8. In 3.2 beta we still get responseText as raw instead of whole response:

    // instantiate response object
    var res = new{
    action: action,
  9. Checkbox events: change, focus, blur and maybe more are not working in webkit browsers (chrome 4.0 and safari). Check event is working.

    To ensure that its not a bug in my application i tested if...
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