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    Is there any reason to create object "ExtSandbox1" which is nearly the same as "Ext" ?

    PS. I'm not creating it... it's just there.
  2. I've noticed that 'emptyText' is not displayed in IE (tested under: 6, 7, 8 and 9) - any other browsers are fine.
    Combobox is rendered without this text (just an empty imput field) if I put in code...
  3. I can't use the search form in documentation.
    Bad path in the script, as it is now:
  4. There's a problem with height in the "contact us form" example in chrome.
    I've made 3 screenshots to explain...

    Chrome (10.0.648.151):...
  5. I've got nearly the same problem or even the same.

    My combobox has so many records that I had to do some pages on request (paging combobox).
    User selects an option on page 2 (of 10) and reloads...
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