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    i'm also looking for a solution to this problem... if Sencha has no method to unzip.. then how can i achive it....
    any third party tool i could use with sencha...??
    any idea!!!
  2. hi,
    i'm developing an application in which i have to contact a server and get a zipped folder(server portion is completed and its returning) containing images. i want to unzip the folder and...
  3. hi,

    i want to know is there any possibility of downloading a PDF file using SenchaTouch 2 ?

    if yes, can i save it locally ? and may i have the rights to access stored the location ??

    if no,...
  4. is there any other way to create an image gallery in sencha touch 2 without using Carousel.????
  5. hi.. tis is really nice i was suffering a lot for 3 days for an error but after reading tis thing i found out thx!!!
  6. Hi !! I am new tis group and Sencha app as well... i 've planned to create an image gallery ... i want to know tat is ter any other way to create insted of using carousel ???
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