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  1. Hello,

    As most of the devices are quipped with high accuracy sensors and in native development there are very simple API to use it.

    1> How can i find which sensors are available in device using...
  2. Hello ,

    I have made a Media Player in Android by using the Media Recorder in android Which USes Device MIC sensor.

    Is there any API in sencha touch which allows us to use device MIC to record...
  3. Replies

    Is there anyway by which i can get to know what all are the device sensors available in the Device.

    And if yes then how can i use the sensor information available from the device.
  4. Hello,

    Thanks for the reply.
    This will help me .

    Are there any way by which i can get the device resolution and specific device features such as (Resolution of the device, what are sensors...
  5. Hello,

    Is there anyway we can find the Which Operating system (Android, IOS etc) is running , because i want to provide different Orientation for IOS & Android.

    Can i find out the size of the...
  6. Hello,

    Thanks for quick response.

    I am trying to create some vibrate effects....So i am intending to create some vibration notification with different situations. So i am expecting to set...
  7. Hello,

    Best luck to myself. And thanks for the quick response.
  8. We have developed a 10 services in sencha touch and also a service browser to use all this services.

    So i want to migrate that service browser code written in sencha-touch1.0 .

    Are there any...
  9. Hello All,

    On button click can i apply vibration effect to make it feel better ????
  10. Hello All,

    I am just new to sencha touch.
    I am an android Developer with experience of 1.6 years. I am aware about the mobile development architecture.

    I am moving to Multi platform...
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