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  1. I had the same issue in 3.4. My workaround was to add the custom filter to the do query so it does both at once:


    //Add fix for doQuery to set a store filter that will not be...
  2. I put something like this together a little while ago with help for 3.4. Its by no means perfect, but it may be of use to someone as a start...


    //handles onclicks and fires a before...
  3. I know this is an old thread, but for anyone else wondering, I find this works to display empty in the numbercolumn when there is null or 0 as a value:

  4. thanks guys, awesome, just what I needed. i too spent a lot of time trying to resolve the issue
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    Hi, i used the standardSubmit: true way so that I could post arguments and have the response sent back as an in memory generated file to download (e.g. pdf) in one go, not the double handling of...
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    I also had the problem in 3.4 with the button width only being set to the icon size. I had to override the FileUploadField redner method and change x-btn-icon to x-btn-text-icon.

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    OK,this is a possible solution:

    unction doWindow(params)
    new Ext.Window({
    height: 770,
    width: 650,
    padding: 0,
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    yep, I have this problem too. Here is another related post:

    I have had a brief look into this and as per the code below, once the...
  9. here is a fix, combined with a fix provided by tungj (OPEN-1200] Ext.ux.form.ItemSelector leak due to ItemSelector.js line 93/117) that solves both problems for the itemSelector :)

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