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  1. Solution found:

    Transitional and loose doc types are not explicitly supported (they aren't supported by Ext JS either). They also aren't...
  2. Found another bug when using calendarPanel inside another panel, happens only in Firefox 3.6 (WORKS FINE with latest Chrome, didn't test on anything else). When the calendar panel is nested in a...
  3. This is back guys, just had to apply the override to get rid of the problem in Ext 3.2.1
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    Hi Saki,

    just reporting a small problem that I found with the extension (which is superb, ty!). If the field is rendered in a form panel which is rendered as a tab in a tabpanel, which in turn is...
  5. Very nice stuff, I integrated it in my system and it almost works (I render forms in windows and they can contain a mix of tabpanels/fieldsets/columns):

    1) Had to remove the clear:both; style...
  6. You can only put together Ext.form.* components inside a compositeField, at the moment.

    Going as far as to creating a compositeField that contains grids is probably beyond what I can find useful,...
  7. This works just fine

    .x-grid3-row td,
    .x-grid3-summary-row td,
    .x-grid3-row {
    -moz-user-select: text !important;
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    Yay!! Gratz Jack & co.!
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    I adopted Ext back when 0.33 Alpha was released. To my surprise I didn't have to change a single line of code all the way through to version 1.0.1 stable. This should tell a lot about the engineering...
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    Good call, joined too!
  11. Been missing for 3 weeks or so and look what's up and running! Great, astonishing job Jack & co.!

    You guys simply rule! As usual!
  12. Hey Saki, great job! I only have one bullet to shoot: dragging the floating panels around in the live demo affects the document body, causing scrollbars to appear. It would be nice if drag could have...
  13. KUDOS!!!!!

    I can't even begin to understand the syntax here:

    var retval = method.apply(this || window, arguments);
    fcn.apply(scope || this || window, [retval]);

    But what it does is...
  14. This is an example on how to work out file uploads along with other fields. Please be aware that a hidden <iframe> is employed to handle file uploads, so you won't be able to track the response from...
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    Bug or missing feature, it is indeed what I expected it to do as well, maybe Jack will "fix" it. The information pertaining whether or not it should be checked is present in the config option...
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    I'm afraid I can't help you with that, I don't determine if a radio or checkbox is checked at Javascript level. My forms' JS is build by server side scripts, so it's easy for me to appen "checked:...
  17. Great example Wolf, but please readers be aware of a mistake in the above code:

    save = simple.addButton('Save', function() {
    waitMsg: 'Processing Data,...
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    Nevermind, the config option "checked : Boolean" does the purpose.. I shouldn't post on the forums too early in the morning and with caffeine levels too low.. :)
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    Hey Jack, I've got a problem with that.. inputValue does indeed cause the form to submit my value as I need it to be (In this case "True" instead of "on"), problem is when I load up the form and...
  20. Yes indeed, but since the layout I was updating by mistake existed for real in my script it didn't throw any exception whatsoever :) The nastiest kind of bugs.. hehe
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    This example is pretty easy to read and implement:
    I never used that kind of source for the dataStore before, but I guess the data is returned...
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    Any chances we can get this fix officially into the trunk and for all the themes with two additional position options for the tabs config? Such as:

    tabPosition: top
    tabPosition: bottom...
  23. 5 hours later.. digging and finding nothing, in the .js files provided by the examples in which Jack was doing what I wanted to do, I decided that the code had to be somewhere else. Thanks to Firebug...
  24. Hello guys, can anyone enlighten me on how to apply a qtip template to a treePanel generated via treeloader?

    My code:

    var fileTree = function(){
    var filesMenu = new...
  25. Solved, it was indeed a bug in my code, I was updating the wrong layout and there was an extra layout.beginUpdate(); in it.

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