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  1. On line 48767 in ext-debug-all.js:

    if (Ext.supports.CSS3BoxShadow) {
    adjust.l = adjusts.w = adjust.t = 0;

    Think adjust should be adjusts. I changed that in my source and...
  2. I have it doing this in the load event and am experiencing the same problem. It only happens in Firefox and IE 6, 7, 8.

    Using Ext 2.2
  3. I haven't seen any examples of how to do this. I know Gmail does it. I can think of a simple implementation adding a listener to rowselect and rowdeselect on the SelectionModel. Is there any out...
  4. Not sure. The check box is actually a custom check box that can toggle through three types of checks.
  5. I meant ComponenetDataView.
  6. I have a control that extends CustomDataView. The data in the control is about 200 records. It consists of a checkbox and a label. The control takes around 900 milliseconds for the renderItems...
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