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  1. I use this framework less because modern CFML engines allow CFCs to be invoked and return JSON formatted objects trivially.
    If you need to perform common or repeatable transforms to make your CFCs...
  2. I ran over my project recently with the VarScoper tool, and it found a few missed vars.

    Patch attached.
  3. Given the following to invoke a JSON-returning page (Ext 3):

    var response = Ext.Ajax.request({
  4. Ah ha.
    If I trace out the connections readyState (response.conn.readyState), then it's '4' ('OK') in FireBug but '1' without the debugger on !
    Seems like the request isn't complete even though the...
  5. Scratch that. It only works in the FireBug debugger (!)
    If I do this

    console.log('check isvalid back');
    if(response && response.conn.statusText == 'OK'){
  6. Instead (using Ext 3.0 and old basex 2.3) you seem to need to do:

    Ext.form.VTypes["timeDetails"]=function(v, field){
    var response = Ext.Ajax.request({
  7. I'd be tempted to rewrite that line so it's less compact and more readable, set a break point, and see what the values of the various parts are.
  8. response.responseText isn't present in newer versions of basex ?
  9. That's spot on, cheers ! Looks like the examples at the start of the thread are a bit out of date.
  10. Your Ext version and MIF versions aren't compatable. Note that MID 2.1 requires Ext 3.1 for instance.
  11. On FireFox 3.5, with Ext 3.0 and the matching ManagedIframe class, the following code works as expected to create tabs with IFRAME's for the content of each.

    However, it also places the 2nd IFRAME...
  12. I went with the 2nd form, not wanting to dig into the guts of the Ext Direct ColdFusion connector to find out.

    Using that last form appears to clobber the 'result' argument (a break point in...
  13. Well, I have the same problem (the result handler has no context to work with).

    Code called from somewhere inside a custom ExtJS component:
  14. Replies
    Is there not a contributor agreement or anything ? Doesn't seem an easy way for other to benefit if they have to search for an apply their own patches all the time...
  15. Replies
    I've never had the buttons misalign...
  16. Replies
    I've made a few updates to the RowEditor plugin, that I thought others may like.
    This includes things like not letting 'enter' save an invalid row and wrapping 'tab' around to the first editor when...
  17. I'm not sure, but you might need to make the same mods to your version as I just posted to the original in order to run on the Railo CFML engine:...
  18. I had to make a few minor mods to get this to run under the Railo CFML engine.
    Router.cfm needs to check for the absence of the form variables in it's first CFIF, and Direct.cfc's invokeCall() needs...
  19. The not-so-elegent solution to this was to create a FormPanel and use applyTomarkUp on that, rather than applyTo on each element.

    var f=new Ext.form.FormPanel({
    layout: 'form',
  20. I'm using ExtJS to add some richness to an existing HTML form, so lots of 'applyTo':

    var m=new Ext.form.TextField({

  21. Still doesn't give a good experience though, as it's busted in the current public release.
  22. Yup, I understand you, but I'm not reloading an Ext page. The target page is expecting a POST and does some stuff. I don't want to have to touch that (yet).

    Just as a 'for example', maybe the...
  23. Why is using standardSubmit a bad idea ?
    I'm using ExtJS to quickly add some richness, but then need to go on and run the rest of the application as normal...
    I'm not going to rewrite the whole...
  24. The hell ?!?

    You are spot on, and the work around in the submit button handler does the job.

    And I'm meant to be thinking of spending money on this, right ?
  25. The hell ! This is still foobar in the latest 3.x ?!? Does the bug need opening there as well ?
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