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  1. Ahh yeah of course.
    I forgot, the ComponentQuery.query returns an array of the matching elements :-)
    thats why you have to access button as an array
  2. show() should do the job, but if you try setVisible before it will crash the function.
    Does the console.log log out the right object?
  3. you can add a id or name to the button and just append to the component query.

    button = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('statspanel button');
    will return every buttons within the statspanel.
    button =...
  4. I found out.
    I had to listen on the stores 'addrecords', 'updaterecord' and 'removerecords' events.
    'removerecords' doesn't work though.

    Regarding the testcase I will give it a try and post it...
  5. Im a little confused where to update those records.
    The pull refresh give me a updatedata event.
    That is not getting triggered.
    my component query is "mainview pullrefresh"
    and i try to control...
  6. In the store just set the model property.
    This only tells what model you should be using.
    ex: model: 'App.model.Shop'

    The setData will overwrite whatever data that is there already.
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    I don't know how you have put that div into the DOM, but if it is not through sencha, it could be overwritten.
    Can you show the code where the div is added to the dom, and where you access it?
  8. Hi.
    I have a list with a pullrefresh.
    It works okay but I have multiple problems.
    I can't get the right event to listen on for the data when is updated.

    I have tried the store's refresh event,...
  9. Sorry if I was not clear enough.

    Simply what I mean is that i want do drag the entire panel up on top of the slider to see the whole content of it.
    Then if I drag the content down again, I can...
  10. Hi
    I have a panel with a carousel at the top, and a panel representing the content at the item at the bottom.
    How can I smartest make so that panel at the bottom, can be swiped up above the...
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    How can I call another controllers function from inside a controller.
    I can't see how to do this in a smart way.
    Basically i want a reference to another instantiated controller.
    I have...
  12. Thanks a lot for the tip. :-)
    I though have some trouble when i put it into a container, then it suddenly wont layout at all.
    It is loading from a store automatically, and get all the records as...
  13. Hi there.
    I want to "reward" my users if they scroll all the way to the bottom of all my items.
    What is the best way to always have an "extra" item at the bottom, because the list can change quite...
  14. I don't know if this helps.
    but try in your views to replace xtype with alias.
    Remember to add widget in front of the xtype name as below.
    That works for me

    //xtype: 'testsecond'
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    The best thing really you can do is to read the MVC guide on Ext-JS4, it is awesome and give the basics for how the new sencha touch 2 works, since it uses the same engine. ...
  16. Hi there. For a start I am really no pro, but hopefully this can help you in the right direction.
    First the Radiofield has the xtype: radiofield. (As seen at the top of the documentation)
    This is...
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