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  1. var overrides = {.
    b4StartDrag: function() {
    if (!this.el) {
    this.el = Ext.get(this.getEl());
    this.originalXY = this.el.getXY();
  2. hi,

    i have a requirement like, need to drag an button from a tool bar to a panel.Iam able to implement it , but i just want to copy the button from tool bar to panel .

    can any one help me to...
  3. could any please help me how to custumize the dfault theme for ext4 menu is the child element of accordian panel. i want to change the menu header color.
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    thanks for reply.
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    hi, can any one help me to answer ,

    what is extjs?
    Role of extjs in a application ?
    why EXTJS only?

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    can any one tell me what is collation in extjs.i need it on client side not db collation? and how can we achieve it?:s
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    can we use a slider inside a grid column?
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    I need to Display time remaining to upload a file and cancel option while uploading document.Can any one help on this? :s
  9. we are using Java and Jsp for that
  10. hi,thanks for reply.what do you mean by BE?
  11. hi can any one please tell me how can i use this awesome uploder in my application?
    iam using IE7 and iam not using PHp , .Net and flash.I need it in pure Extjs.
    If i try to run this, in sample...
  12. iam using extjs 3.3.0 version .and i have to insert an icon in the column header what you had done above, coul you please let me know how to do it. iam new to extjs.iam not using .Net and Php just...
  13. Hi,
    I tried your solution but its not working for me.Iam defining column model from xml and in image SRC iam giving the path of the image.Is anything wrong here?
    this is the sample code what iam...
  14. thanks for your reply,here in render function what i need to return , I mean image path?
    and what value i have to pass to the render function?
  15. I'm working with grids which have really narrow columns .So I need toinsert small images in the column headers, instead of text.could any one please help how to do it.
  16. Hi,could you please let me know how to add an icon for a perticular column in a editor grid
  17. hi,
    To make it work, only the above changes alone will work? or in addition to that the changes which i made also required? :)
  18. In new version also it is appearing,according to my understanding it is not fixed.for me no other option, so I modified ext files only
  19. hi, to handle the error "EC[...].data is null or not an object" i modified e.addToCache method as follows.
    for me it is working fine

    n = n ||;
    Ext.elCache[n] = {
  20. I changed this.for me it is working fine .thanks for solution.can any one please explian it breifly why this error is comimg.:)
  21. hi,i have a grid which is having a tool in the right corner of grid title bar.on clicking of that i am exporting a excel sheet.i want to add a tool tip to that icon ("export EXcel).can any one help...
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