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    thnx @kid..i have specified it in beforedrop code looks like this :

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.ProdConfigVP', {
    extend: 'Ext.container.Viewport',
    id: 'ProdConfigVP',
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    stop posting your questions into my thread..i have posted thread to get ans to my ques.. Put some efforts yourself..As i have prev said, post ques as DIFFERENT/NEW thread NOT INTO MY THREAD..
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    i would suggest you to post new(seperate) thread for your ques..
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    I have recently started using ExtJS 4.1 & working with drag & drop. I had prev posted a similar ques(extjs 4.0.7) & had got perfectly working soln. :...
  5. refer here : Hope you get some help..
  6. Is there any way to extend an application into another application for mdi ?
    For ex. I have 3 applications : "Transaction" ,"SalesOrder" & "PurchaseOrder"
    i want to reuse "Transaction" by...
  7. thanx Worth..good to knw its back :)
  8. thnx using sencha architect 2 & it does not support export :(
  9. i am using sencha architect. I want to reuse my components like data store & model from different application.
    Through googling i came to know that it can be done using .xdc file. How can i create...
  10. I am also facing same issue..its already installed in C: I tried uninstalling & installing again but same problem occured..:( How can I solve the error ???
  11. I have dynamically set rootnode of tree as follows :

    var rootnode = {
    id : 2,
    parent_id :1,
  12. I am working with extjs 4.0.7 & rails 3.

    I have two trees left & right. The tree stores for both store is REST .
    On selection of node on LEFT tree, i am loading trees store of right tree so that...
  13. @george thanx..will u plz tell me which js did u use?? d one dat i have edited or original?? i havnt tried migration kit ..
  14. nops.. :( im still working on it...i have just come across migration kit will be trying my luck with it..
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    i m working with Extjs 4 Tree with Rails 3 as backend & was wondering is there any REST support as for TreeStore as we have it for data store? I tried a lot of googling but could nt find any full...
  16. i am working with extjs 4 & want to generate pdf . Is there any plugin available? i tried a lot googling & all that i found is plugin for Ext JS 3. I want to print form in pdf format. Is there any...
  17. I had used virtual keyboard plugin available here in Ext JS 3 :
    It does not seem to be working with Ext JS 4 ....
  18. is there any way to save newly created node info into database?? methods like save(),insert() does not exist for TreeStore as for a JSON store :(
  19. i want to implement this chart in Extjs 4. Is it possible to design in Extjs chart ?
    give any suggestion .
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    i am trying to implement search on tree panel, something as here but filter does not seem to work on tree store. Can any1 tell me how can i do...
  21. oops..i just realized row filter plugin clashes with my drag n drop from grid to does not allow my grid rec to get correctly dropped onto tree :(
  22. i just tried grid row filter plugin, works as expected :) thnk u..
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    i want to export grid data to excel sheet. i tried a lot of googling n came across plugin "Exporter" but unfortunately it does not work with Ext JS 4. Can any1 suggest me plugin that works for extjs...
  24. thnx @skirtle its working as expected :)
  25. hey i just realized when i perform drag n drop in tree, the node that gets dropped to another node, does not carry its children with it i.e. i lose the children of dragged node. do u have hint what...
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