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    problem with the editor? first of all I want to call this on a form element.. and it seems to be that the only way to do it is to just render it to something.. you can't use it like I want..

  2. I've got a Managed I frame that resides in a window, and I was reusing the window by just hiding it and then reloading the frame with the new content.

    It works great to my amazement but the...
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    I changed my script code to say leaf=false but then all nodes show a folder icon.. which I don't want.. I thought that is why I passed the file/folder cls but that doesn't change anything..
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    I have a tree that is pretty basic.. all it does is calls a php script that gives the json and ouputs it to a tree.

    everything seems to work just fine, the only problem I have is that if I move a...
  5. thanks for the insight..
    I just figured that it would recreate the window after closing..
  6. Ok Guys,
    I need an answer for this question. I began building an application to test out extjs for a project.
    main page: a layout format with north, west, center and south regions
    I have...
  7. I had the script buried to far into directories. The absolute path wasn't working, but now that I have moved some things around I have gotten it fixed.

    thanks for the response though.
  8. I've built a grid and I have a problem with the image ../../resources/images/default/s.gif

    it seems that this is hard coded into the grid.. and I can't change it..
    I've changed the :...
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