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    where have u written code for myfilter(record) ?
  2. Hi,
    i am using for column grid column

    but it is showing different different width on different different screens.can anybody help me to set width in percentage .
    or any...
  3. I want to set update the store but only specific field.
    My store contains fields

    and i want to update the value field.
    So i am using the...
  4. Hi,
    How to remove update and cancel button at the time of row editing in grid panel using extjs4 .
    I am using this code:

    var editor = Ext.create("Ext.grid.plugin.RowEditing", {
  5. I am using treegridpanel and i want and also having four columns that contains textfield.
    Now i want to give tooltip to that textfield.
    How can i achieve so ?
    Can anyone help me out ?
  6. Hii ,
    I am using 2 tab panels in my form ....i want to get the Title text of the active tab ....can u help
    me out were i m wrong i m using .......
  7. I am using EXTJS with the jsp .
    But at many instance my application gets slowdown ,may be i had not configured it in the correct way.
    So i would like to know how can i make my application fast....
  8. I want to set tooltip on particular gridHeader.
    How can i achieve so ?
    Can anyone help me out ?
  9. Hi,
    i have to put two date picker in grid header while i am adding a new column but when i click on calender image then the div expand a lot and second thing the row picker come always in last...
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    xtype : 'combo',
    fieldLabel : '<font color=#15428B><b>Profit(Loss)</font>
    displayField : 'glname',
  11. I am using the renderer in the gridpanel column and it need to be called again in the process.
    How to call the renderer again on some event or so ?
    In EXTJS3.0 there was method
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    renderer:function(val, cell, record) {
    return '<div qtip="' + '<span><h3>Matricule:</h3>'+ +'</span>' +'">'+ val +'</div>';}

    when i am using this code it is not...
  13. I want to display the tooltip in the gridpanel.
    Each cell may contain different tooltip.
    How can i acheive so ??
    Can anyone help me ??
  14. hi,
    Please explain headerCT in gridView.headerCt.insert(gridView.columns.length, column);
    and how to handle this error :
    "Unable to get value of the property 'getWidth': object is null or...
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    can u give me any example for adding a column dynamically into grid.

    Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi,
    With this code i can not add the column into grid .the code is:-
    var gridView = Ext.ComponentQuery.query("gridpanel")[0];
    var column =...
  17. Please tell me if anybody have an idea its urgent :(

    Thanks in Advance
  18. Hi,
    While adding the column it is showing error like this
    :Unable to get value of the property 'getWidth': object is null or undefined in ext-all.js

    can any body help me the code for adding...
  19. Hi,
    i can add column with this code but i can not see that column into grid and one more thing i want to show date picker into that column.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Anup Rana
  20. Hi
    in this code what is "gridpanel" u have passed like a parameter

    Anup Rana
  21. Hi,
    this code is not working :( can you tell me according to my is an attachment.

    in add columns method.
    please help me it's very urgent.

    Anup Rana
  22. Hi,
    how to add column in grid panel by clicking on add button using extjs4.

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    I have attached two file one is .js file another is .json file please see both the files and tell me where is the problem why it is giving this error in ext_all.js
    error is:

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    i did the same before that but it was giving the same problem can u please tell me what is the issue?

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    I am using the code like this:-
    var r = Ext.ModelManager.create({
    newValue: 'a',
    name: 'a',
    value: 'a',
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