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  1. My app doesn't work with the library in local on my iPhone.

    Hello everybody,

    i have a big problem with my app and i can't fix it after a lot of test... so maybe you can help me.
    I tried to explain it with the best way possible.

    I developed an...
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    Thanks for your answer, i just have a last...

    Thanks for your answer,

    i just have a last little problem, it's impossible to setup an event handler in the container within Architect... :S. Maybe there is an another solution for do this ?
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    thank you very much. Sorry but can you be more...

    thank you very much.

    Sorry but can you be more specific please.

    i have a hyperlink in my html code like that :

    <a href="#">disclosures</a>

    and after that i must to add a basic function...
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    hyperlink event for display a popup

    Hi everybody,

    i would to know if it's possible to display a popup when we click on the hyperlink in the html code.
    I use Sencha Architect with Touch 2.1.

    Thanks a lot.
  5. Problem, don't found an event with several segmentedbutton.

    Hi everyboy,

    i hope you'll can help me.

    i have a problem with my application, i will try to explain you this

    In my panel, i have three segmentedbutton and i would like to know if there...
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