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    Fixed a few bugs that could cause the GridFilters object to crash.

    In getSerialArgs, replace with this code:

    var args = [];
    for (var key in this.fields) {
    if (key == 'blank')
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    Not sure how useful anybody else will find it,...

    Not sure how useful anybody else will find it, but I did a custom modification to the DateFilter to give it the ability to search for null dates. Details are here:

    Resolved the issue where I was unable to filter by empty dates. Posting code here in case someone else wants to do the same thing.

    In DateFilter.js

    Add to private variables:

    * @cfg...
  4. Unable to Retrieve Only Null Dates with Ext.ux.grid.GridFilters

    I'm working with a grid where I need a button to filter items that have been closed. These are flagged by the Closed Date which--if an item is still open--should be set to null.

    I'm using the...
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