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  1. Ah, I can use "this.company_store".
  2. Hi there,

    I want to know how to access parent's object attribute from a child object.

    For example:

    var TraineeGrid = Ext.extend(Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel,
  3. Nevermind. I just found this.
    I should have search the forum before posting new thread.
  4. Is it possible for JSON store to store an object, whose one of the attribute is an array?
    For example, I want to retrieve a list of training. Each training has many schedules, each is of type date....
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    And this quickfix is helpful.

    Ext.override(Ext.form.DateField, {
    onMenuHide: function() {
    this.focus(false, 60);
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    Hi there, I'm using firefox 3.5.
    Everytime I pick a date from datepicker, the display always goes up, so that the DateField is on the bottom of the display. Please see the attached image.

  7. But mystring is a JSON string. I want to display a correctly formatted view of the data, hence data view.
  8. I want to display a dataview object inside a tooltip. Can I actually do that?
    Because this code displays an empty tooltip:

    target: courses[index],
  9. Thanks you !!
  10. Anyone?
  11. Hi there,

    I'm trying to attach a checkbox selection model to my grid. I construct the selection model without initial configuration (by default, singleSelect is set to false).

    The checkboxs are...
  12. Yeah that's it. Thanks !
  13. Okay, okay I got it. . So waiting for AJAX call is not an option. Any suggestion for my problem here?
  14. Hi there, I want to call an AJAX request inside a VType validation function. Basically, I want to check whether the given input already exists in database. If it does, the field will be marked as...
  15. Ah, It's okay now. I'm using something like:

    var failure_handling = function (form, action) {};
    new Ext.form.Action.Submit({ failure: failure_handling });
    Why haven't I thought about this before...
  16. Hi, thanks for the reply.

    I've tried to use
    Ext.form.Action.Submit.prototype.failure = function (form, action) { // Do something } but it doesn't work. I tried to look at the source code, and...
  17. I want to apply a default success and failure handling to Action.Submit class. Can I do it?
  18. Ok . .Thanks all !
  19. I see . . Just being curious, how are these config options stored inside the object?
  20. Can config options be changed after the corresponding ext object has been created ?
    Or it can only be configured when constructing the object?
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    The !important works great. Thank you !
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    I have a web page with background colour of gray. When i include gxt-all.css, the background colour become white. How can i fix this?

    I have 2 css files here, envision.css (my template) and...
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    The height . . can't believe i didn't notice this ! Thanks mjlecomte !

    Thanks for the advice, by the way :) . .
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    Yea i'm pretty sure about that too . . That's what i see from the examples.I wonder what am i doing wrong here.

    I've tried that before, and no luck =p . .
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    I have an editor grid with no pre-loaded record, but it has an action button at the top toolbar to dynamically add new record.

    An empty grid did show up at the first load, but it gave me no...
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