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  1. How to align form controls in non-editable grid?


    Basically I have a non-editable grid (a TreeGrid instead of EditorTreeGrid), and in one column I'm rendering form widgets using GridCellRenderer, something like this (simplified a lot):
  2. Calling...

    Calling CheckBox.setFireChangeEventOnSetValue(false) didn't work.
    Do you have any other idea on what other thing we should try doing?
  3. CellEditor and CheckBox doesn't get along, workaround?


    I have an EditorGrid that constructed like this.
    Basically it's a EditorGrid that have 2 columns, and have different editor field for each one.
    First column is a string column and have a...
  4. The correct way to add/remove column in a created grid?

    Hello, :)

    Is there an example for adding/removing column on a created and rendered grid?

    I guessed to use grid.reconfigure(store,columnModel) and I believe I am right to an extent.
    My problem...
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    On the same boat here. We're about to kick off a...

    On the same boat here. We're about to kick off a new project which we want to use gxt 3. How major is the change going to be?
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