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  1. [CLOSED] I find that after doing a package build if I can...

    I find that after doing a package build if I can open the file with my browser and it works, then it will work in phonegap.
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    Any suggestions on tutorials for learning ExtJS...

    Any suggestions on tutorials for learning ExtJS from my knowledge of Touch?
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    ExtJS from Sencha Touch

    I've been working in Sencha Touch for about 2 months now, and I love it. I'm wondering how much of a learning curve I'll have trying to learn ExtJS. I know Sencha Touch is based on ExtJS, but is the...
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    [FIXED] Here's a visual demonstration

    This is an example from an iPhone compiled app showing the same behavior:
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    This isn't working...

    The classes show up in my div, but nothing shows up in the list item. I don't think the .CSS classes you gave me work for items in a list...
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    Any way to use Sencha icons in a list?

    I'd like to have sencha icons appear in a list next to my text. I'm able to load external icons, but not the sencha icons. Is there a way to do this?

  7. Can Someone...

    Can someone mark my answer above as the answer so this appears answered?
  8. Figured it out..

    Here's how to do this if anyone else runs into it... You need to add a listener.

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',
  9. Loaded at INSTANTIATION Time

    I've discovered the headers seem to be set at instantiation time of the store class. There MUST be a clean way for me to set the headers when the call is made. I'm going to keep investigating.
  10. Is the Global.getSelectedVIN() only done when the...

    Is the Global.getSelectedVIN() only done when the store is instantiated or when it's loaded? If it's when it's loaded is there a way for me to set the headers in some kind of event?
  11. Dynamic Headers using a Ext.define object.

    I'm trying to call an ajax method with dynamic headers from a store:

    proxy: {
    type: 'ajax',
    url: mpGlobal.APIPrefix + '/Vehicle/Service/GetServiceHistory.ajson',
  12. [CLOSED] Nested models are not saved in local storage...

    My models:

    extend: '',
    {name: 'IdentificationType', type: 'auto'}
  13. Fixed code

    Since I've got this working now I thought I would post the working code for people who run into this problem in the future.


    Ext.define('JeffApp.view.vehicle.VehicleListContainer', {...
  14. This seems to be a repeating pattern with me...

    I fixed this by putting my configuration in the right spot and by putting a store on the list.

    Thank you!!!
  15. Issue when trying to populate a dataview with info from a local storage store...

    I'm caching my data in a local store, and the list is working fine. This is the itemtap handler for my list, and when it gets to the detailPage.setData( line I get errors in the console....
  16. No one has every had to do this? I find that hard...

    No one has every had to do this? I find that hard to believe.
  17. How do you bind a list with data programatically?

    The data looks like this:

  18. Sencha Architect ONLY for Sencha Touch, still need ExtJS License?

    If I'm using Sencha Architect to ONLY develop applications which use the Sencha Touch Framework, do I still need a commercial license for ExtJS? It seems like if I'm not using ExtJS in my final app,...
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    Local file

    This is on a local file. I'm wondering if part of the problem was that I was hosting the site from a share on a windows machine, and serving from ubuntu apache. I was editing the file on the windows...
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    Unable to include ANYTHING in app.json

    I'm running sencha touch 2.1 on an ubuntu server using apache. When I try the default generated app everything works without a problem.

    The second I try to add my own JS or CSS entries, the Eval()...
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