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  1. [FIXED] selectfield with standardSubmit not working

    When I try to use standardSubmit with selectField, even when I specify hiddenName property, the value of the selectfield is ignored and does not reach the server side. If I use 'standardSubmit:...
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    This works if i use only ext components with...

    This works if i use only ext components with methods ext.getCmp('cmp-name').hide() or .show().

    If i dont use ext components to create my fields, the tab dont adjust to the content when i show...
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    Why autoHeight: true do not work anymore?

    I start with a simple example to make things clear of what I need to do with the autoheight: true on a tabPanel.

    If you click on "show", the "Field2" will be shown and the tab that does not self...
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