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    Colin, That did the trick! Thank you. You can...


    That did the trick! Thank you. You can consider this question answered.
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    Any additional advice

    It turns out that using the SeriesSelectionHandler to solve this problem isn't good enough. When the series values are 0 and there is no bar displayed, there is no click-able region.

    So, is there...
  3. Thank you! You can mark this answered. ...

    Thank you! You can mark this answered.


    SimpleComboBox<String> priorityCombo = new SimpleComboBox<String>(null);

  4. GXT 3.0 - SimpleComboBox populated with Strings


    I want to create a SimpleComboBox and populate it with plain old Strings. Is there anyway to do this? There is no SimpleComboBox example in the Ext GWT Explorer. Here is what I tried:

  5. Another problem with the above approach is that...

    Another problem with the above approach is that is only checks against the current page's worth of data. I need a way to send the filtering information to the service.
  6. I've tried to implement the above functionality...

    I've tried to implement the above functionality with a StoreFilter, which seems to work as far as the grid contents filter goes, but the problem is that it still displays the unfiltered total and...
  7. Alternative to filters' setValue() method in Beta 4

    I see that in Ext Gwt 2.2.5 the grild filters interface contained a setValue method. That method is no longer available in the Ext Gwt 3 beta 4. I was wondering how we are now supposed to...
  8. Live GroupSummary Grid Collapse All Groups Does not always work

    At one point the collapseAllGroups method of the GroupSummaryView class worked but after some code updates it no longer works. I am not sure if this is related to the Beta3 updates or whether it has...
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    Looking for a stateful grid example

    I am looking for a stateful grid example but cannot seem to find one. The basic grid example seems to set the grid as stateful but it doesn't actual seem to retain state (for example continue hiding...
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    I found an anwser to my own question. While...

    I found an anwser to my own question. While adding a handler to an entire chart did not seem to work, adding a handler to the series (I am using a Bar chart) works just fine.

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    Beta 2: Any way to make a chart clickable?

    Is there any way to add a handler to a chart object so that it can trigger some event when any part of the chart is clicked?

    I tried adding a clickHandler like so, to no avail:

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    Casting the loader as a PagingLoader seems to...

    Casting the loader as a PagingLoader seems to work. The one thing I'm missing how the server method for returning filtered, paged, and sorted results would look. Could you post a sample of the new...
  13. Thank you for the suggestion, but unfortunately...

    Thank you for the suggestion, but unfortunately paging on a Live GroupSummary Grid defeats the purpose of the grid, which is to have live updating summary rows for values sharing a common grouping...
  14. Live GroupSummary Grid renders slower as row total increases

    I have a Live GroupSummary Grid that is getting populated via a service call which invokes an EJB. Through logging messages I know that on average it takes 1 second to retrieve that data from the...
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    The suggested workaround did not work for me...

    The suggested workaround did not work for me either. I don't have a nice pretty stack trace since at this point I'm testing on a JBoss server and haven't determined the best way to handle client side...
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    None yet.

    Surprised this functionality isn't available since it was clearly possible in 2.x.
  17. Got it

    So I figured it out. I wouldn't have got it if I didn't go back to the code today after seeing your reply so thanks!

    Basically I knew I had to work within the confines of the provided method...
  18. No Luck

    Unfortuately I have already tried your exact suggestion several times, each resulting with the following error:

    Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.util.Date cannot be cast to...
  19. Override calcuate method for Summary Row to handle Dates

    I have a grid similar patterned after the Live Group Summary example in the 3.x showcase. Two of my columns contain dates and I would like to be able to have the latest date from each column appear...
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    Beta 2: Remote Filtering Grid with Paging

    Hello everyone.

    I am trying to implement a grid which uses remote filtering of columns with paging. Previous 2.x showcases contained an example of this exact situation but the 3.0 beta 2...
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