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  1. Can any one help on this please.

    Can any one help on this please.
  2. I am using Sencha Touch version 1.x . Can we...

    I am using Sencha Touch version 1.x .
    Can we fixed it in version 1.x by editing any code/CSS
    please let me know.
  3. List alignment issue in Chrome browser in Android mobile

    Hi All,

    Our team had created a Sencha touch application, but Selection list is misaligned in Android ICS 4.0.4 in CHROME browser. Please check the snapshot attached.
    Although in iPhone and in...
  4. How to add Extra textbox in RowEditor

    Hi All,

    I am working on a "Time-sheet application" in which I had used gridpanel and roweditor plugin.
    Now when user select the Overtime1 and Overtime2 check-box and open the record for updating...
  5. How to add lost focus event on Row in RowEditor in gridpanel

    I had a 'gridpanel' with a plugin 'Ext.grid.plugin.RowEditing' is used.
    When I double click on any row the update/cancel buttons with editable fields are shown , which is fine.
    Now i need to...
  6. Modal window (in Ext js 4 MVC) is not working on TAB button

    Hi all,

    I need to report one issue which i found while mine working.

    Ext version :- Ext Js 4.0.2 MVC architecture ,
    Browser :- IE 9 (Windows 7)
    Problem :- In a modal window, if we press TAB...
  7. Thanks Arthur for your reply, I goggled the...

    Thanks Arthur for your reply,

    I goggled the different ways to find the solution but I was unable to find the solution,
    so at last after debugging the "keydown" event I understood how the events...
  8. How to add and handle mousedown event on Textfield in ExtJs 4 in MVC


    Can any one help me by providing the code to add and handle "Double right click" event on Textfield.
    I 'm using MVC architecture and inside TestController.js file , I had written following...
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