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  1. I think an easier way is to use the hiddenName configuration attribute in the ComboBox.
    In the setValue method CombBox uses this attribute to add a hidden field

  2. I've created a Exr.form.Action.DWRLoad which works fine, I get the loading icon etc.

    Next, I am having my dwr servie return configuration for the component as well as data. In the success :...
  3. Thanks for the tips, I'm looking at create a "FormDialog" class and am taking a look at closein the window properly. I FF when I call close on the window the window object still exists and only the...
  4. I'm having some strange problems with forms and wanted to get some suggestions.
    First, I'll explain the apps architecture then the problems.

    This is a one page app with a left tree nav. The...
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    I just started trying to do the same with 2.0. Have you gotten any further with this?

  6. 2. I was able to fix this by adding the following to LockingGridPanel
    render : function(id){, id);
  7. first off awesome work! it looks great

    1. has anyone used this code to create a EditorGridPanel with locking columns? I would like to use this with combos in the table
    2. when setting locked:...
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    I have a tree which has disabled nodes. The disabled nodes have grayed text so i know htey are disabled.

    When I click on the disabled node the node is highlighted, is there a way to prevent this...
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    First, this library is amazing, crazy amazing!!

    This might be dumb question.

    The source code control we are using is having a problem with js files over 8k! I can re-configure the SCCS but I...
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    I got the zip file and no summary appears as displayed in the image. I took a look at fire bug and fixed and missing css or js files.

    Anyone else get that working?
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    I've searched forum and haven't found what I'm looking for nor do I know if its possible.

    What I would like is to add multiple summary rows(total and percentage delta) at the bottom of a grid that...
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