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  1. Ok, we've never has to do this before, but if I add an id field to the model

    {name: 'id', type: 'int', mapping: '/description/@recordid'},

    and then add an attribute to me xml

  2. Moving from Extjs 4.0.7 to ExtJs 5.0.1, we load XML configuration files on all our ext apps.

    The below snippet of code is a base xml model and a call from the controller onLaunch function, this...
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    Been using an older version of sencha cmd "sencha create jsb" just sat through a track on sencha cmd 4 at senchacon that was a little rushed.

    Is there a tutorial on the new commands, never had to...
  4. We have store url's that are not fixed static strings, they require urls containing both static and dynamic variables.

    Would like architect to allow mixed entry of sting, static and dynamic...
  5. Fixed it change from from submit to plain ajax request

    url : '/FORMPOST.php',
    method : 'POST',
    params : params,
    failure: function(response, opts) {
  6. I'm submitting a form via ajax, the returned results is HTML not json, I get an error about decoding non json response.

    I'm created the parameters object in code, creating a form and posting the...
  7. This sounds like a basic question however I have looked at the docs and searched the forums.

    I have a combo box with a store that allows entering new values. Those new values can only be numbers...
  8. I figured it out I had to change the extjs library call in the index page
  9. I completed my first application conversion from Flex to Exjs. All working great ;)

    I now want to build a production version

    I'm using Aptana on OSX with XAMPP Control.

    All code in MVC...
  10. In trying to solve another problem I stumbled on the answer and thought I would post in case anyone else was looking.

    The answer was actually quite simple, I was trying to run a function on the...
  11. bump.

    sorry for the bump, but struggling with this one, removing white space from text node
  12. I tried both of these but neither work

    {name: 'search', mapping: function(o) {
    return Ext.String.trim(o['/search']);
    }, type: 'string'},
  13. Still new to all this so learning as I go, moving from Flex to ExtJs

    I have a model with some model associations loading from an XML file.

    All working but I wondered what would be the best way...
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    Thanks that worked.
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    I have a store attached to a grid, I turned off auto sync as when I modify records I only want to update the one record not all the records. (this is all working apart from clearing the dirty flag)
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    After hours of playing around I managed to get it to work but would like some ones opinion if there is a better more efficient way t do it.

    In my index files I was originally calling

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    I know there as been a lot of threads on localization and MVC I read and read them but can not get it to work.

    I thought this would be very simple?

    All I would like to do is localize the...
  18. I understand what you're saying, but in this case I never want this store to auto sync. Its a one time form for posting data. It never receives data or updates data only every creates data.

  19. Thanks that helped it was not defined, I set it to false and it work. Very simple thank you.
  20. I have a model attached to a form, I have a proxy in the model.

    In the controller code when the forms submit button is pressed I crab the model attached to the form.

    I use passing in...
  21. In the controller;

    onLaunch function, I call the store load passing in a call back function.

    /** * call when the control is launched
    onLaunch: function() {
  22. getting my head around Extjs.

    In a mvc environment I can set up a listener on controller for the Ext check box for a change event and that works.

    However I have a dataview with a tpl which...
  23. Thanks for the quick response that worked perfectly.


  24. First off I'm just getting started with Extjs4, I have googled and researched this but can not find an answer so posting here.

    Working in a MVC environment, I have everything working but I went to...
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