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  1. Try, right-click, then refresh in a frame.
  2. What happend with button's borders?
    How to remove this extra styles:

    <div id="button-1023" class="x-btn x-btn-default-small x-noicon x-btn-noicon x-btn-default-small-noicon" style="padding-top:...
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    The same problem for me with beta 2. Anybody else have the same?
  4. Does anybody have problems with tree in opera? I already wrote about this bug there, but i thought it have been repaired in next...
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    Ok, I now opened your url, that i found in screenshot, and it works there, but not in official docs. What version of ext is it?
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    Am I only one who have this problems?There is no nodes in a tree when I open it in opera.I have this problem in all 4 brunches. Don't know about IE, but in Chrome and FF it works fine.It show's only...
  7. Have the same, thanx for solution
  8. I now know how to add own menu item in a header of grid but and...

    When i click on menu item in a header menu I need to grab column id which header menu i clicked. How can i do this?
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    pdf generation should be done at server side... i think...
  10. is there any problems with old opera versions? Opera 9 is not showing the content that i try to load in a frame, it's just show white background and seems that something trying to be loaded, but...
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    yep, LAB works fine...
  12. i think it is right way now... ))
  13. may be reason in bold?

    var tpAdmin= new Ext.TabPanel({
    layoutOnTabChange: true,
    header :true,
    xtype: 'tabpanel',
  14. ok... i see what you want... but i think your way is wrong... as i understand you need to make request when previous request was finished... but you code make all requests at one moment... may be you...
  15. may be instead this:

    if (lavorazioni == '')
    you should check for:

    if (lavorazioni == undefined)

    i didn't find declaration of this string...
  16. Get your component by id, or save the reference to it by creating it outside your container.
  17. From API Docs:

    var tpl = new Ext.XTemplate(
    '<p>Name: {name}</p>',
    '<p>Kids: ',
    '<tpl for="kids">',
    '<tpl if="this.isGirl(name)">',
    '<p>Girl: {name} -...
  18. Try using this script.. It helped me.
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    I think the way you should go is to parse xml with DomQuery at Ajax request and then fill up stores with data records...
  20. You mean something like this ?

    var row = this.basketGrid.getView().getRow( sId ); getColorValue() , {
    attr: "background-color",
    easing: 'easeOut',
    duration: 6...
  21. this work's for me:

    var t = new statusSelectorField().render( document.body );

    or i didn't understand th problem...
  22. Can you give complex code with this issue?
  23. May be it is better to use renderTo property!?
  24. Did you try insert() method?
  25. This config works fine for me. I can see arrow. May be other part of code breaks something?
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