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    I have around 30-40 struts action files written in java and now I have use them in my extjs application .
    We are using jsp for front end but not I have to use extjs for my front end. That means I...
  2. thanks! this is can close this thread...but this is still working if I don't move it out of the loop..
  3. I am looking for a 'MultiCellSelectionModel' for a requirement.
  4. its working I am just calling wrong ID's ...just fixed those ID's ...thanks Condor ... I am using 'rowselect' but may try cell selection ...
    if you can point me towards a cell selection model...
  5. Sorry ! If I am not clear ...But I did n't asked to write the application for me .. I am just asking about the approach.. I have already written the application and my Rowselection model is not...
  6. I have a grid and I want to open an another grid from the first column data on click and that should be on same page below the first grid.
  7. Thanks! I got the dynamic tabs . I am missing title:columnName.toString() and doLayout ofcourse.....

    store.on('load', function(){
  8. On page load I need to display a grid which will pull data from a real time data base . I am using json store for it and used jsp to convert into json objects . I am getting the data in my grid but I...
  9. I want to add tabs from grid column on page load dynamically . Grid is pulling data in real time and every time page load it contains different set of data.
  10. On page load a grid is populated from a real time database and every time it contains different number of records. Now I have to generate the tabs from first column dynamically and each tabs...
  11. Thanks!
    meyerovb but not able to get the tabs ... but I am thinking of an another approach

    store.on('load', function(s,r,o)
    var column1 = re.get('COLUMN1');...
  12. Hello,
    I am generating a grid from a real time database using JsonStore. On page load column1 data need to generate tabs dynamically. How can I generate those tabs dynamically?

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