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    Hello Mycoding,

    Sencha is also hiring currently. If you think that you are good enough to work for them than you can apply..

    Look if you can fit with...
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    hello friends,

    It seems that trying to remove older bugs they might come up with some newer bugs as it can happen in any software development cycle.

    Currently it seems that they have lost their...
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    Hello friends,

    For those who have not bought extjs from sencha can use jquery as an alternative to extJs atleast you will find some help to move ahead with it ;)

    meanwhile learn sencha and wait...
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    Hello friends,

    It seems Sencha persons are busy with their paid support customers.

    They have not think of anything about community persons or persons who have buy their product without their...
  5. Hello tavm,

    as you can see from thread, sencha person Mr. mitchellsimoens asked me some question and I answered him about it that it is not working in 4.0.2-rc3 as well as in 4.0.2a that I am...
  6. Hello friends,

    it seems that cellclick event is not working with locking grid.


    Ext version tested:
  7. Hello Joelchu,

    as I said in my previous post, click event is not coming on locking grid. On normal grid it works as expected.

    Thank You.
  8. Hello Joelchu,

    I am using latest version of extjs -> 4.0.2a

    My firefox version is 3.6.18

    Also did you try with locking grid?

    Thank You.
  9. Hello joelchu,

    Thank you for reply.

    Yes. agreed that my setup is complex but in simple setup also this is happening..

    Look at following simple setup from sencha example grid. you will find...
  10. Hello friends,

    where are you?

    any clue to anyone or its bug with sencha?

    Thank You.
  11. Hello mitchellsimoens,

    I check it with 4.0.2a and same error is coming in that too.

    Let me know about how can you help me further.

    Let me know if you need anything else from my side.
  12. Hello friends,

    I played some what more with the code and it seems that, if I close my window and reopen it than I am getting click event.

    but now my grid is no longer a locking view grid.
  13. Hello Joelchu,

    Following is the code.


    I have converted desktop into MVC app.

    when you click on projects it will open window.
  14. Hello joelchu,

    it didn't work means as simple as it did not work for me with the same code.

    if there would have been any error than I would have given here that I am getting this error but...
  15. Hello Sunandchakradhar,

    Thank You for reply.

    But it doesn't seem to work. Have you ever did this in any of your example?

    Thank You.
  16. Hello Mitchellsimoens,

    Which question did you ask?

    about version of extJs? as you can see in question title I am using Ext-4.0.2-rc3, which is latest version of extjs4 as far as I know. if...
  17. Hello friends,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Actually I want to put resizable div on row of grid.

    I am creating something like task scheduler.

    Following is my grid code currently.
  18. Hello friends,

    Can any one give proper answer regarding the question?

    It seems like that I have ask hard question.

    Thank You.
  19. Hello friends,

    Do not know why but none of above methods working for me.

    any clue?

    Thank you.
  20. Hello Joelchu,

    Thank you for your answer.

    how to get which events are available on grid or cell or column or row?

    I did not find it in grid document.

    is there any better way?
  21. Hello friends,

    I want to get row and column of grid whenever i click on any cell of mouse how can I do that?

    Thank You.
  22. Hello friends,

    I want to group grid column headers as following

    First level: Month name
    second level : Month date(1,2,3 etc..)
    Third level : day of date(Mon, Tue, Wed, etc..)
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    Hello PKK,

    Can you put your current code here?

    It will help to resolve your problem much quicker.

    You might need to refresh your grids view like treegrid.view.refresh()

    Hope this helps.
  24. Hello friends,

    Can anyone help me regarding the matter?

    Thank You.
  25. Hello friends,

    is it possible to lock tree grid if yes.

    Can anyone provide simple example?

    Thank You.
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