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  1. Hi All,

    I have a Ext.ux.touch.grid table. When a cell is taped it is easy to identify what record has been selected. However I cannot figure out a way to identify which cell exactly was taped. In...
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    Is Phonegap an option? It works for me
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    Hi Mitchell,

    first of all thank you very much for this component.

    I am having a odd problem. When I define a grid that extends Ext.ux.touch.grid.View, I have to define its height in the config...
  4. Hi German,

    I see your problem. Having or not having the height param should not make any difference as far as I know. Unfortunately I am not an expert. At the end of day I do not know why this is...
  5. Hi Scott, thanks for your reply.

    The reason whyI cannot use ST2 is that, ideally, my app has to be deployed on tablets and being a website at the same time. ST2 ticks all boxes but does not run...
  6. Hi all,

    does anyone know how to deploy a ExtJS app to iPad? Using Sencha Touch 2 is not an option unfortunately. I have been searching the internet for an answer for the last two days without any...
  7. thanks for the tip!
  8. So true! I just did not know that Ext.Viewport could remove all its children. :-)
  9. You genius, thanks a lot!
  10. Hi all,
    I have been banging my head against it for two days now. How can I destroy all my views when the logoff is called?

    Many thanks,
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    var myModalWindow = Ext.create(MyModalWindow);
    var myParentView = Ext.getCmp('parent-view-id');
    if (myParentView) {
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    I have to display a modal window when a particular button gets clicked.

    My problem is that the modal window (overlay) does not show and the app does not throw any error or warning. The...
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    Thanks guys. There must be something funny going on in my app.
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    Thanks sephyroth. Unfortunaltelly it does not work for me
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    How can I set a default value in a selectfield? Say that I need the 'Second Option' to be selected as default.

    items:[{ ...
  16. I though so. Thanks once again
  17. Hi, I have a selectfield which is populated via a store (ajax request). I am trying to put an empty line on the top of the lines returned by the store but I have not managed to so far. Can anyone...
  18. Just in case anyone is interested in knowing how I sorted this out.
    I do not create my drop-down using xtype but I generate them dynamically in my controller where I have got full control on the...
  19. You are right and sorry to bother you so much. How can I point my selectfield to the filed to display?
  20. I do not mean to abuse your brain. That is what I am doing right now (within a component of mine) The code marked in red fails:

    xtype: 'selectfield',
  21. Thanks for helping. Do I have to use the same store for both the drop-downs?
  22. Hi All,

    I have to populate two drop-downs according to the data contained in a JSON file.

    The first drop-down should contain the organisation name. The second drop-down should contain the...
  23. It worked! Thanks again mate
  24. Hi, I need to create a TitleBar which is sucked into a set of screens. The TitleBar elements are drop-down lists. The items within the drop-down lists must be dynamic and must be loaded from a data...
  25. It does load. I am not too sure about the listener. The data would be loaded at the end anyway. Is there a way to trigger the store to load the data? Thanks
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