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  1. Hi,

    I found an issue with AdjacencyListStore-based grids.
    You can easily reproduce it by modifying some of maxim's examples, like the client_editable example, as follows:


  2. Replies
    I totally agree that the perfect approach to this thing is a plugin.
    Just started using it with ExtJS 3.0, on several grids with row selection model in single selection mode.

  3. @charleshimmer
    The source files need to be included in a certain order (more accurately, the Wiz main cs ff firs).
    Otherwise, the other constructors are overwritten.
    This may be the issue...
  4. Hi,
    As to the collapsing issue:
    AFAICT by looking at your table, IE does not collapse the 'td' wrapper of your child table div wrapper.
    I think that it has something to do with the 'visibility'...
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