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  1. No body can help??
  2. Hello everybody,

    I'm trying to integrate the portal example in my project.
    For that i modified the Portal class so that it extend an Ext.panel.Panel instead of Ext.container.Viewport.
  3. Hello!
    As said in the title i downloaded EXT4 but can't fin the tree package. Any idea??
  4. hello,

    i've seted up a simple login formPanel and it's working well.
    but since i wanted to make it a little complex introducing web service, it doesn't work out.

    1- in the simple aspx page,...
  5. ok, for the moment i'm just trying to popup an alert

    alert('it work!!');
  6. thanks for your support
    i'm only trying to load page fragments.
    i understund now why onReady event didn't fire. but is there a specific event concerning fragment pages loading??
    my only problem...
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    just another remark: when i resize the browser, the toolbar take it's place very well.
    i think i have to use doLayout() or fire the resize event but have no idea how to.

    i also have another...
  8. yes, it's true that linked javascript are loaded too. but the problem is that it's not auto executed (example: the function onReady did not execute after le html is loaded).
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    Hello everybody,

    in my application i set up a border layout to the viexport.
    after i rendered the main view, i created a tool bar and added it to the north panel before adding buttons to it.
  10. thank you all for your support but all you suggest don't work for me.
    the option scripts seems to work only with nested javascript but not with referenced java script.
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    Hello everybody,

    Actually, i have to develop a business-management application. until here all right!!
    My question is about how can one best design an application so he can develop and maintain...
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    hi there,
    can one tell me please where can i find RowExpander.js?
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    you should take a look at the EXT example, in the grid section.
    there is a solution for your second request.
  14. Hello everybody,

    in my application i want to load an html file into a panel with for exemple (autoLoad:url)
    the html file is well loaded into the panel but unfortunatly the referenced js files in...
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    Thank you very much madrabaz! that was just what i was looking for.
    thanks again for helping us the newbies.
  16. thank you very much for your help! :)
    just another question: what differences are there between the url under le Ext.Formpanel and the one under the "getForm().submit({" method?
  17. Hello everybody,

    i'm facing a problem when adding extra parameter via the attribute "params".
    with firebug ican only see the fields values passed, but not the parameters.

    var simple = new...
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    How about changing the theme dynamicly: (by code instructions)
  19. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Hi there,
    i'm new in EXT dev. and i'm facing some problems submitting a form:
    in fact i don't know what the...
  20. Hi there,
    i'm new in EXT dev. and i'm facing some problems submitting a form:
    in fact i don't know what the server side (c# in my case) should return.
    Any example is welcome.
    thanks very much.
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