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  1. Yeah the controller bug you reported does still exist in 4.2.1.

    I was just curious what folks did in general. I think @slemmon approach works for me for now. This is one of those things...
  2. In the arena of Toolbars, Buttons and the enableOverflow: true (overflowHandler: 'Menu') feature of a Toolbar:

    Does anyone have any suggestions to match both Buttons and MenuItems at the same...
  3. Bump. I'm still seeing this occur in 4.2
  4. Edit: fixed the %20 stuff.
  5. This seems to be the best workaround so far for the browsers I'm using. Thanks for posting your findings firefoxSafari :-)
  6. <x-sencha-command> does not seem to pass correct arguments during the theme capture and slicing when the path has spaces.

    Context: I am setting up Sencha CMD on a Jenkins machine and my workspace...
  7. Here is what I'm seeing with 4.2 GA and QuickTips:

    Firefox 20.0 - Mac fails
    Firefox 20.0 - Windows is OK
    Chrome 26.0.1410.43 - Both Windows and Mac fail
    IE 10.0.9200.16519 - is OK
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