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    When I use Architect 3.2 to create a column chart with a horizontal line for average, the setting for the line series, yField, is an array. When i build and test the application, the line series...
  2. By the way, when I navigate to the folder with SA in it, and delete the xds- file, each time I start SA, that file comes back.

    To downgrade go into the following directory and...
  3. Yes, I have this line in my index.php that loads 4.1. Just to be sure, i also sent an alert() to my screen from app.js that told me the extJS version: 4.1.0.

    sencha_library_ver_override =...
  4. I loaded 2.1 this morning. The code that worked yesterday under 2.0 now does not work. I open the project in 2.1, it asked me to upgrade it to 2.1, i said yes. When I run the code in a browser, it...
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    This worked. I added a render function to my controller to build the qtips and recompile the template.

    onApplCodeRender: function(abstractcomponent, options) {
    var me =...
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    When I hand edit my extJS4 combo view, I can do this:

    var ApplTemplate = function() {
    return '<div data-qtitle = "{WorkingName}" data-qwidth="500" data-qtip="{Usage}">{WorkingName}</div>'...
  7. ...filtering of the propertygrid in the bottom right hand corner.

    Just now, I was not filtering anything in the config section. I located a store that I wanted to delete in the project inspector,...
  8. Deleted a compoment from the project inspector (right click > delete) and get a fatal error alert, with (ignore) (restart) (exit) buttons. The message is 'TypeError: 'null' is not an object'. I was...
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