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  1. Hi mitchellsimoens,

    I changed to lowercase to Json, problem solved.

    thank you very much
  2. Help me please.

  3. Hi mitchellsimoens,

    Ext.application.views removed in the

    Change with the following error occurs:

    Uncaught Error: [Ext.createByAlias] Cannot create an instance of...
  4. Hi mitchellsimoens,

    Sorry, I'm beginner to Sencha Touch.
    I do not understand, "What is Ext.application.views?"

    The code in my view is:
  5. Hello Friends,
    Help me please!

    My problem is with Sencha Touch / Proxy / PHP and MySQL, the error is:

    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not...
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    Thank you friends

    Upgraded to version the senchaCMD, the problem solved.

    thank you
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    Hello friends,

    Please help me!

    I'm having trouble with command BUILD.

    Running the comand:
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