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  1. Control drop status when using TreeViewDragDrop?

    I'd like to have a callback that can tell the TreeViewDragDrop plugin when the dragged element is over a valid drop zone, but the existing allowDrag/allowDrop flags aren't precise enough -- I need to...
  2. Add a click listener to chart axis labels?

    I've already got a listener attached to the bar chart's bars, but users keep trying to click on the labels. How do I listen for that as well?
  3. Thanks, that combination works wonderfully!

    Thanks, that combination works wonderfully!
  4. Form validation: How to get something more understated than the underline/outline?

    The default form panel validation is pretty aggressive -- how can I tone down the feedback to perhaps just a red asterisk next to a field?


    Alternatively, is there a way to show the error...
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    Thanks, that seems to work! ...unfortunately,...

    Thanks, that seems to work!

    ...unfortunately, I hadn't realized until now that panel tools don't allow custom icons. I'm going to back off from this approach and put the buttons in the panel body...
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    Because I don't necessarily know what tools will...

    Because I don't necessarily know what tools will be specified by the relying code.
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    Swap out tools in a panel header?

    I have a panel whose contents may be swapped out from time to time, and the tools in the panel's header must change along with the contents. There doesn't seem to be a way to ask for the tools to be...
  8. Recommendation: Document where explicit HTML-encoding is required

    Even if Sencha decides to continue treating user data as HTML, it is imperative that they at least document the locations in ExtJS where they do this. Otherwise, I cannot help but view ExtJS as a...
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