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    GXT 3 Demo site not loading on iPad 1

    Note this did work in GXT 3 beta 2. When we try and load the demo site with our test iPad 1 running iOS 5.1.1 none of the controls load. In our actual GXT 3 application safari crashes with an oom...
  2. [FIXED] [BETA 3] - IE 8 - Pie chart rendering is off

    In only the pie charts and IE 8 we are seeing the following rendering issue if one of the values is much larger then the others. Is there any work around for this? Otherwise, we will be forced to...
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    [FIXED] Pie Chart - tooltips not working?

    I have working tool tips on my column charts with no problems. When I use the same code for a Pie chart, no tool tips are displayed even though the code is called. Any ideas?

    Note that
  4. GWT - Beta 1 - Stacked bar charts don't take into account stack size

    You can actually see this in your samples- >

    Hover over the stacked series and note that the hover values are too small for the...
  5. GWT - BETA 1 - Firefox - Charts throw error on widget.clear

    Whenever I clear a widget containing a chart (so I can add another chart widget), I get the following error in FireFox.

    (NS_ERROR_FAILURE): Component returned failure code: 0x80004005...
  6. Tree grid with computated row values for the expand/collapse selector

    The client wants a one layer tree grid where the expand/collapse row also has computed values for the child rows. Is this possible with the Tree Grid control or the Grid control with grouping?
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