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  1. Yes, i know... the problem is not the code itself...

    The metaform plugin that i've used from Saki, posts back a string to the server . This string is generated by the metaform plugin and causes...
  2. Hi,

    anyone experience with the metaform plugin from (Saki see

  3. There's a problem in using a textarea when there are cr lf in the text a user typed...
    they should be replaced by \n instead
    now when the data is uploaded i get a json error

    i'm a newbee.. can...
  4. Great extension...

    can't wait till it"s ported to Extjs 4
  5. Replies
    is there a way to retrieve the columnheader from within the render function ?
    this is my colummodel

    var colModelTurnOver = new Ext.grid.ColumnModel([
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