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  1. the problem is related to the div height


    I realized that the problem is related with the height of the dataview div. Inside this div, there are one div for each image. the problem is that, the height of the parent div doesnt have in...
  2. dataview drag items bug in chrome add-on for IE


    I have a dataview where I load some images. In IE it works fine. However, in chrome add-on for IE I can only drag the images that are visible on the screen. All the other images that I just...
  3. positioning a button inside an absolute layout panel


    Im using extjs 2.2.1.

    I have a view port with some objects inside. One is a TabPanel. This TabPanel has two items with a layout "fit". One of this items is a Panel. This panel is defined...
  4. choosing the layout of a panel object


    I need to display in a panel some objects like this:

    - on the first line, with some distance from the panel top, a textbox and a button on the right with some space between the two.

  5. label of textarea not being displayed


    Im displaying a textarea ina tabpanel, like this, however, I cant see the label... Im using ie6. Any idea about how can I display the label?

    xtype: 'textarea',
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    combobox issue


    I have a combobox inside a grid cell. When filling the grid, I want to pass the code of the state and see the description of it on the grid. Also, when the user selects a states in the...
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