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    Uploading image to a remote server

    Hi guys, i dont understand why this sample project fails when i ran it into a device or simulator. I'm using cordova 1.8.0 and my device is iPhone 4S

    See this example:...
  2. Hi, thank you for this great work. But anyway, is...

    Hi, thank you for this great work. But anyway, is there any way to initialize the droppables dynamically? i mean by putting it into a separate function not on the controller.:-?
  3. Hi, here's the code snippet from my view and...

    Hi, here's the code snippet from my view and controller


    onDropCntInit: function(cnt) { var me = this;

    var drop = Ext.create('Ext.ux.util.Droppable', {
  4. Dynamically loading a controller

    Guys here's my problem, hope you can help me out of it,

    I have a couple of droppable(xtype: container) items on a panel which have been initialized on a controller, so my problem now, i am trying...
  5. So sencha doesn't have the function to do this?

    So sencha doesn't have the function to do this?
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    Push a view by clicking markers on the map

    This is not the solution but i think we have the same problem here so i just want to share this
  7. Sencha touch map with custom marker

    Hi guys, i am an ios developer and im using sencha as my platform. so i have this project where i have to use map and put some custom markers in it dynamically based on long and lat on the array. so...
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    Sencha List and Combo box function

    Hi, thanks for the advice,. i'll try that one. But i dont know where to start, i am using MCV structure and my store is in separate js file. What im thinking is, how can i connect the listener to...
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    Sencha List and Combo box function


    Badly need your help, i have a project and i use Sencha touch 2.0. So now here's the deal,.

    I want to create a list and in top of that is a combo box showing some categories. Just for...
  10. Create Android apps with Sencha Touch, PhoneGap and Eclipse


    Thanks for the reply. Can you share a link where can i update or download the new MDS? Sorry im a newbee in android app dev ,. because im an iOS dev originally.

    Thanks in advance..
  11. Sencha touch 2 and Android

    Are you using eclipse? i tried so many ways but it doesn't work for me. I also tried compressing the app, remove the SDK. it fixes the reference error but now a new error occurred. The error says...
  12. Android 4.0 and Sencha Doesn't Match

    Hi, Have you ever tried installing your app in android 4.0? If it works, well can you share some sample project that works??? My project is working fine in iPhone and android lower than 4.0 version.....
  13. Button alignment in navigation bar


    Yes this alignment works putting left and right buttons is easy fix but how about putting a button in the center? like this structure: * *** * ...
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    Sencha touch list with thumbnails

    Hi there guys, i badly need your help' i have a project and my deadline is next week i am using xcode combining cordova and sencha touch 2.0, what i want is a simple list with thumbnails and when i...
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    Sencha HTTP external URL

    Hi there guys, is there any way to open an external URL inside the sencha container or panel?:-? like iframe. I already tried the iframe but it failed to function in iphone and ipad.

    Im new to...
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