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  1. any news about the release? It still generates tons of code.
  2. Thank you, problem's gone it seems
  3. allow me to sum it up:

    CompositeElement is created using Ext.get() and allows:

    referencing (storing the results into a variable)
    Where as CompositeElementLite is created using...
  4. How about overriding alignElWithMouse() with absolute coords instead of local? See the comments in the code below.

    alignElWithMouse: function(el, iPageX, iPageY) {
    var oCoord =...
  5. so does anyone know the answer? I'm stuck in the top left corner too
  6. ah! Thanks, that works. The contents of the function actually are *exactly the same* what I just posted above, too.

    Note that you MUST set the 'href' property (to anything) when defining the...
  7. this worked for me (using v4.2.1):

    button.href = '#new_link';
    button.el.dom.href = button.getHref();
  8. Didn't work for me. Looks like it expects specifically JS.

    Alternatively you can change the default var in ExtDirect.php on line 80:

    static public $default_api_output = 'javascript';
  9. For those who use Architect, keep in mind that you cannot add a JS resource with url="ext-direct.php?javascript" because it will create a file with such name (including the query part after the...
  10. Ext.getVersion().version
  11. link broken
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