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  1. Thanks Bryan, I've blocked our bug on an upgrade to 5.1.1.
  2. ExtJS

    One of our QA guys found this issue; not sure if it's known. If you have a combobox marked readOnly: true, it is still editable in Firefox (38 and 42.0a2 tested). Chrome doesn't...
  3. A second workaround is to leave "border: true" on the tabpanel, but add this css:

    .x-tabpanel-child.force-disable-tabpanel-child-border .x-panel-body {
    border: 0 !important;

  4. If I specify
    border: true on a tabpanel, the content panels themselves are given a border that cannot be disabled.



    The best workaround I...
  5. In DD-enabled widgets that use Ext.view.DragZone, dragging an item that wasn't already selected has odd behavior. Say I'm using an ItemSelector with items {A, B, C} on the left and {X, Y, Z} on the...
  6. Hi Pedro. I'd like to detail some issues I had when using DirectSubmit (ExtJS 4.1) with DJN 2.2. My experience would lead me to say that DJN has not yet been updated to support form submit for the...
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