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    The Toggle on Android 4.0 (HTC oneX) is not refresh, even after both change (first : the toggle is added to the view, second : i'am using the 'paint' even to force the refresh/setValue).

    nb = all...
  2. I've got the same "brain-eater" issue, i've make a post about it (and be a little "agressive")...

    Thing is you have to add thoses lines in your "requires" in the app.js

  3. I've installed the last Sencha Cmd release (201), upgraded my touch library and do the "simple" :

    cd /path/to/app sencha app upgrade -p ../path/to/framework
  4. Hi all,

    Got the same issue since this morning (every thing worked good before weekend)

    In safari, all goes fines
    In Chrome got the error :

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    Hi mitchellsimoens,

    I do not want to be "productive-here" (i'am at work, in life, etc...), i just want to point that, even if we/i follow the standard procedure to deploy our application, it is a...
  6. The last thing I've found to resolve this issue (workarround) is:

    Delete the "archive" folder before starting "sencha ant build" command



    If you change the "update" parameters in...
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    Just to have a "coup de gueule" about the Sencha Team !

    You're doing great job, but I ask myself if the product are well tested ?!

    It is impossible that you release product (even in "beta")...
  8. So, to make my application working, i've just have to add this =


    name : 'TagAll',

    requires : [
  9. After investigation, all appends in the compiled app.js =>

    (somewhere in the code - see at the end of the obj definition ;-)

  10. Hi,

    Here what i've got when build with ant (sencha ant build) :

    Creating Application Cache with manifest
  11. Hi mitchellsimoens,

    Finaly i've resolved (spend 1day and half) to display my List (Nested and Normal) like they were (a little bit differently).

    Even if there is no "itemCls" in NestedList,...
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    Hi all,

    I've the same "little issue" on my HTC one X - Android 4 (which is normally a good device).

    I've also notice that on iOS (iPhone 4) the list is scrolling better.

    And, as i pointed it...
  13. Your welcome ~o)
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    Not easy for sure (there are lot of opening post concerning the Sencha Cmd V3 !!)

    But, one thing we can point here : this is a beta release ;-)
  15. you have to be in the SDK FOLDER TO DO THIS !!!

  16. All my custom CSSfor my lists which worked in the 2.0.1 DO NOT WORK any more in the new version 2.1.0 !!!

    All the structure of List has been changed deeply !

    In the 2.0.1 for a NestedList

  17. So more informations/investigate :

    I've just adding "Ext.event.publisher.Dom" as require in the app.js,

    I've cleaning up the new "deltas" (removing the last coma)

    and now i've got a new...
  18. Got the same opened "bug/issue" with the new Sencha Cmd v3

  19. does this post is related to this issue ?!

    i've removed the last comma in "deltas", and the...
  20. I've just "redo" the whole process :

    1) generate a new application using "sencha generate app" (with good parameters)

    Macintosh-00224130e982-3:touch tag-all$ sencha generate app myTouch...
  21. Yes i've got the same WARN

    And after looking at the "compiled code" (for touch product) it seems thats is maybe revelant to the bug i've discribe in another post (the app.appcache issue)...
  22. Thank for answer,

    I'll take a look to modifiy the rb file (i've still doing this, but in a different maner)

    I also copying myself the missing folders and/or images (using a bash file ;-)
  23. not at all ingo !

    It's good to have interest there !

    I'll continu to investigate...
  24. Hi ingo.hefti

    Not =D

    But if I well understood the "meaning" of this, it just in development phasis, not in production ?!

    I'll try it, and give you my feed back

  25. Hi Dongryphon

    framework = Sencha Touch 2.1.0-RC1
    Cmd version = (when post this issue =>

    For the first error :
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